Dramatis Personae
  • Victoria

    A psychic. 20s, soprano. Victoria has been given the gift of seeing the future, which depresses her. She has trouble finding people who believe her pessimistic forecasts.

  • Roger the Socialist

    A socialist, 20s, baritenor. Roger is committed to his political cause, even militant about it when better judgment would suggest he keep quiet.

  • Roger the Pacifist

    A pacifist, 20s, tenor. Roger is not afraid; he just doesn’t see the point in dying in someone else’s war. He greets the world with humor.

  • Ringmaster + Teddy Roosevelt

    The circus master of ceremonies, 50s-60s, baritenor, doubles as: Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, a believer in the fighting of good wars. Remember the Maine!

  • Leah

    Pronounced "lay-a." A trapeze artist, 20s, soprano with coloratura forays. She is in love with Luke, whom she encouraged to do his duty and go to war. She will have regrets, and she spends Act 1 vacillating between the pro and anti-war factions. Where will she end up in Act 2?

  • Hilda

    A trapeze artist from parts unknown. 40s, mezzo-soprano. Hilda is a patriot and strong advocate of the war. She speaks with an American accent. Doubles as Auntie Gert.

  • Luke

    Former trapeze artist, now a soldier, 20s-30s, tenor. Leah’s lover. She pushed him into the army, although he would rather not have gone. Doubles as the Nurse. When in the ensemble, he is disguised as a performer.

  • Policeman

    40s-50s, baritone. A veteran whose injuries in the war resulted in his discharge from the army. He now does what he can on the home front.

  • DORA

    No need to cast DORA. The Defense of the Realm Act, a British law was passed in 1914 to, among other things, suppress the expression of discouraging sentiments about the war.

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